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The Beach House - Mary Alice Monroe

Set against an Island retreat where loggerhead females arrive in numbers to bury their precious eggs, Monroe develops a romance with a difference. The novel's main character, Caretta, has been estranged from her mother and brother's family since the death of her father. When her high-flying life starts to fall apart and she is summoned by her mother to the family beach house.

Betrayed by a devious ex-partner, Caretta is exhausted and confused by what she can do next. As she finally relinquishes control of what's happening, she is able to relax into working on relationships. She starts to see another side of her mother, a side she appreciates and is gradually drawn into supporting.

The story moves along with the slow-moving loggerheads as the beach community awaits the arrival of the hatchlings, patrolling and protecting nests. Monroe manages to work in extensive information about the loggerhead struggle for survival against modern society's output of pollution, including light pollution, yet the information enhances the ebb and flow of the story and the developing romance.

A light but pleasant read with the bonus of being introduced to the life of loggerhead turtles.

- Heather Sylvawood



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