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Broken Fences - Camilla Noli

This novel looks at the roles of mothers in protecting their children and how the unexpected can throw that into disarray.

Noli also explores the effect a mother's desperation to protect them limits not just their physical freedom, but also their emotional wellbeing.

It's a harrowing read following a mother's view as she interprets and misinterprets the lives of her children. We watch as her husband attempts to meet her desires/needs to strive toward a perfect life in the suburbs and how he must stand back and allow that life to unravel. We want to shout out and tell Clair how dangerous her road is, but we don't have a voice, merely act as another observer of the crazy road she travels.

Provided with book group discussion notes. Good reading for the clever way Noli builds up the suspense and Clair's credible decent into crazy thinking.



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