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A room without books is like a body without a soul.
- Cicero

"Manuscript: something submitted in haste and returned at leisure."
- Oliver Herford (1863-1935)


Here are links to my current kindle and print books for children:

Marigold Brightbutton's Birth Day - the story of what happened in the weeks up until when Marigold was born. Marigold is definitely her father's daughter - a bright button for sure. However, it is the ever patient Mrs Brightbutton who will be tested even further.

Marigold Brightbutton goes to School - Mrs Brightbutton heaved a sigh of relief when Marigold finally goes to school. However, the school is about to discover how Marigold's mind works - with disasterous consequences.

Marigold Brightbutton and the Rose Grow - Now children know they should never touch or drink anything stored in bottles. Marigold knew this too, but did it stop her? Luckily the effects of Rose Grow are only temporary, however, it was a harrowing couple of days for her parents.

Marigold Brightbutton and the Fireworks - Everyone knew Mr Brightbutton was an inventor, so when he turned up on bonfire night with a box of fireworks, the children were delighted. What happened next ... well you'll have to read the story to find out.

Marigold Brightbutton and the Missing Shed - How could a shed go missing? Well it's quite easy when you have a girl like Marigold Brightbutton around. Mr and Mrs Brightbutton never see it again. But someone benefitsfrom Marigold's escapade.

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Marigold Brightbutton's Adventures - Series One (print)

All your favourite Marigold adventures in one book.

Isn't it wonderful when the children pile into bed with you and want a story read? It still thrills me, even now as a Grandma.

Children are so immediate in their appreciation (or otherwise) of stories. They have characters they warm to and others who irritate them. Watching and listening to their reactions gives me lots of ideas for more stories.

I remember as a child getting so angry at Toad of Toad Hall and wondering why the other animals seemed to forgive him his outrageous behaviour. That reaction lasted into adulthood and I couldn't bring myself to read A. A. Milne's story to my own children.

Then, as an adult, I met Ronald Morgan who featured in 'Today Was a Terrible Day' by Patricia Reilly Giff and Frances in 'Bedtime for Frances' by Russell Hoban. Both of these were written around everyday issues children face. But of all the children's book characters I love, my most favourite has to be Elizabeth from the 'Paper Bag Princess' by Robert Munsch. What a kick-arse spunk!

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