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The Easy Way to Write a Novel That Sells by Rob Parnell (Kindle Edition) - This book has been helping me through writing my novel, even though I started the novel before reading this guide. I wish I'd done it around the other way. That said, the guidance given is both supportive and practical in highlighting what you can expect, the writers road blocks and the ways to reach deep inside to bring out your best work. As for "selling" - I have yet to put that to the test.

Some of Parnell's advice might sit uneasily with the writer who thinks that the art of writing is what the industry is craving for. "If you want to make a living as a popular novelist, then you need to write popular novels," he says, and later: "Okay, you must enjoy what you do, that's for sure, but remember, you are writing for your readers first and yourself second."

This is a message that is repeated again and again in his book. Yet he also says: "Audiences, readers, and viewers like honesty, no matter how lurid or bland - they expect and admire it. By the same token, if your work is failing, try asking yourself - do I really believe in my characters, my pliots, or my stories?" And that is the dilemma Parnell doesn't attempt to solve. The question, as writers, we must address: "Do I want to make money or write the stories I want to tell?"

I found the most benefit from his advice to use tricks and techniques to allow your subconscious to do the writing. Start with some meditation or mind quietening exercise; then just go for it. "Whilst you are writing you need to switch off your conscious mind. The way to do this is to write fast. Don't edit, don't go back, and don't think about anything except the next line. Let your fingers write or type automatically."

He even mentions Joe Vitale's advice in Hypnotic Writing: If you write on a computer, switch off the screen. I haven't tried it ... yet. And I can't help but go back and edit and punctuate 'properly', yet I can feel the flow slow when I do. Lots of good information, probably contradicted by others with different styles of writing (like Oscar Wilde who was purported to have spent a whole day pondering whether to use a comma in one sentence).

Would I recommend this book? Yes. Is it value for money? Yes definitely. Available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook.



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