Non-fiction is writing that deals with facts or real events.
Question: Would you prefer to buy a 10,000 word 'How-to' article for a quarter of the price of a Kindle eBook? Or would you 'trust' the book to give you better information?


Recommended Non-Fiction Writing Resources - Kindle and Print

How to Publish and Sell your Article on the Kindle by Kate Harper (Kindle Edition). 12 Beginner Tips for Short Documents.

I really like Kate's unassuming, yet positive style. She shares a lot of useful information about making money from non-fiction writing, although she does warn that your research and writing must be top quality, not re-spun extracts from other people's articles or books.

"The advantages of publishing articles are: 1) They allow writers to receive monthly royalties instead of flat fees. 2) They are displayed next to books on the Amazon and Nook Store websites. 3) And, because their price is typically much lower than books, they are a comparable bargain when sitting next to a book."

Kate's intent with this article is not to teach you to write, but to teach you how to publish your article using the ebook technology and get set to sell many articles over and over again. Unlike websites like Click Bank and eLance where your work is available for anyone to use, e-articles published with one or more of the many e-publishing websites will be right in the eye of the public.

Nowadays, the public's reading attention span grows shorter and shorter. When someone wants to know 'how-to' they just want a list of steps, not an illustrated coffee table book. That's why buying and instantly downloading a comprehensive article makes such sense.

Kate divides her article into these headings. Each section is only a few Kindle-size pages long, but because they are packed with information you don't notice it's an article rather than a book.

Topics include: First Page (what not to put on this page); Images in Front (what to use and where); Word Processors (how to set them for worry-free publishing); Formatting; Links; Images; Beginnings and Endings; Lists; Uploading; Pricing; Store Description (what to put into your descriptions to sell your article); Selling; Table of Contents (how to create one that doesn't take up space); Inserting Images; Blank Space Problems; Nook Publishing; Previewing; Converting; Resources (the best part of the book - total gold in what it leads you to).

Would I recommend this book? Yes, especially if you are looking to make money online while waiting for your novel to be discovered.

Get hold of it here: How to Publish and Sell your Article on the Kindle

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