Non-fiction is writing that deals with facts or real events.
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Recommended Non-Fiction Writing Resources - Kindle and Print

How I Made Over $42,000 in 1 Month (Selling My Kindle eBooks) by Cheryl Kaye Tardiff. Sounds like a Guide to part with your hard-earned dollars to invest in a Get-Rich-Quick 'system'. That was certainly what my partner said when discovering me reading it.

But far from it, Cheryl is simply explaining in detail how she discovered eBooks and abandoned regular print publishers. She had, to her credit, already published a reasonably successful book and had been personally promoting it. Eventually she discovered eBooks and converted her print books to that format. She started by listing them with any ePublisher she could find, but then, when Amazon opened its e-door to Canadian writers, she jumped onto the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) option.

Since then her books have taken off and she's reached the Amazon Top 100 for all genres withthe eBook reprint of her first book: Whale Song. It hasn't been a sit-back and ride the wave event; Cheryl still works hard at her promotion, using her author website, Twitter and Facebook; she even promotes the books of other authors who find the online publishing process a nightmare.

In past decades, the role of publisher and marketer was always taken out of the hands of the writer. You put up with whatever marketing arrangement the publisher proprosed (unless you were a famous author). Now, as an indie-author (self-publishing) you have to take on all parts of the publishing process: format and layout design, book cover design, publishing (even though Amazon makes it as easy as possible), marketing and promotion. And one push at marketing is not enough; you need to be revisiting your book and thinking of new ways to promote it.

Says Cheryl: "As an indie-author, you now take on the role of publisher. Amazon becomes your distributor/retailer. If you enroll in KDP Select, you won't be able to sell those works through any other e-retailer. I balked at that. Until I conducted my experiment and saw almost immediate results."

If you choose to sell only on the KDP Select system, Amazon bans you from creating your book on any other platform. An argument against this exclusivity is that readers using other e-readers won't be able to acess your titles. Cheryl has this to say: "Determine if you're in this to make money as a professional writer, or if you just want to write while selling only a couple of copies a month. If you want to earn money, treat this like the business that it is. You can't please everyone. But yoyu do want to go where the numbers are."

And Cheryl's numbers speak volumes. This was the first book I read that made me realise I could do it too. Okay the competition is fierce, and you do need to understand the process of picking:
An engaging title
A stand-out book cover
A good pricing strategy
Picking the best genre listing

I found out about these from other books I list here in the non-fiction section.

Click here to get How I Made Over $42,000 in 1 Month (Selling My Kindle eBooks) by Cheryl Kaye Tardiff.

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