Non-fiction is writing that deals with facts or real events.
Question: Are memoires non-fiction?


Non-fiction is written by people who have gone before. They have uncovered the pitfalls and advantages of doing things their way and offer their writing as a guide or recollection that informs you of past events.

Examples of non-fiction can include:
1. How-to guides
2. Memoires
3. Sporting recollections
4. Descriptions of events
5. Recipe books

The following books are recommended reading. The list contains works from a number of different authors and the books are thosse that have helped me understand writing and publishing.

Recommended Non-Fiction Writing Resources - Kindle and Print

The Easy Way to Write a Novel That Sells by Rob Parnell (Kindle Edition) - This book has been helping me through writing my novel, even though I started the novel before reading this guide. I wish I'd done it around the other way. That said, the guidance given is both supportive and practical in highlighting what you can expect, the writers road blocks and the ways to reach deep inside to bring out your best work. As for "selling" - I have yet to put that to the test ...Read more >>

How to Publish and Sell your Article on the Kindle by Kate Harper (Kindle Edition). 12 Beginner Tips for Short Documents. I really like Kate's unassuming, yet positive style. She shares a lot of useful information about making money from non-fiction writing, although she does warn that your research and writing must be top quality, not re-spun extracts from other people's articles or books ... Read more >>

How I Made Over $42,000 in 1 Month (Selling My Kindle eBooks) by Cheryl Kaye Tardiff. Sounds like a Guide to part with your hard-earned dollars to invest in a Get-Rich-Quick 'system'. That was certainly what my partner said when discovering me reading it.

But far from it, Cheryl is simply explaining in detail how she discovered eBooks and abandoned regular print publishers. Read more >>

Real Estate Rollercoaster - blog about our adventures in investment property and running a holiday/vacation home.

Sylvawood Under the Stars - a blog about my adventures as an "Eco-Warrior" and what I learn along the way about my effect on the world and global warming.
I do believe in thinking globally and acting locally.

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