"Fiction: Literary works invented by the imagination; something assumed to be true, though probably false"

The Key of C by Bryn Clark

I love this short story for its allergory of the artist diverted from his (her) true nature.

Donít worry about the mechanics Ė the words, the sentences, and so on, until after you have the bare bones down. Writing is one thing, editing is another. Donít combine these activities Ė it doesnít favour productivity.

Rob Parnell from The Easy Way to Write a Novel That Sells

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The books below are novels I have read recently along with my and other contributors' reviews. The list contains works from a number of different authors.

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Broken Fences - Camilla Noli

This novel looks at the roles of mothers in protecting their children and how the unexpected can throw that into disarray. Noli also explores the effect a mother's desperation to protect them limits not just their physical freedom, but also their emotional wellbeing.

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Last of the Sun - Julia Gregson

Julie Gregson has used her knowledge of India, gained as a foreign correspondent, to draw on in this 450 page epic about three girls travelling to India in 1928 for one of their weddings.

Life for the three has different routes, but they maintain contact ... Read More >>

Foetal Attraction - Kathy Lette

Aussie redhead Madeline Wolfe is stranded in London, pregnant and spurned by her designer lover. Her endeavours to call her errant lover back to the fold and play the perfect dad are told in a humourous style that will have you laughing out loud.


Me & Emma - Elizabeth Flock

Emotionally charged story of a young girl living in an abusive step father and how eight-year-old Carrie copes with the violence of her life.

Flock's description of Carrie's childlike behaviour is expertly described and the reader is drawn into her struggle.


Sweetgrass - Mary Alice Monroe

Sweetgrass has been home to the Blakely family for eight generation, but now they could be forced to sell.

A family with many secrets and more than it's fair share of tragedy, the Blakely clan is faced with huge change when the patriarch, Preston, is felled by a stroke.


The Beach House - Mary Alice Monroe

Set against an Island retreat where loggerhead females arrive in numbers to bury their precious eggs, Monroe develops a romance with a difference. The novel's main character, Caretta, has been estranged from her mother and brother's family since the death of her father. When her high-flying life starts to fall apart and she is summoned by her mother to the family beach house ... Read More >>



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