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More Than I Could Bear - A Lesbian Affair

Laura Holland is coping (just) with her life bringing up two teenagers and her almost seven-year-old autistic daughter, Estella. Living on a small farm raising chooks and sheep, and the family’s vegetables, Laura’s role is defined as the homemaker by her daughter’s disability. Her husband Richard, however, is a busy school principal whose involvement in the farm is spasmodic, at best. Then the Hollands meet the Langleys, a family with a very different way of coping with their disabled daughter. At first Laura and Anna find support and new possibilities in their growing love for each other. But all is not well in the Langley household, and as Laura is drawn in, further and further, the stage is set for a dramatic showdown.
Set in the early 70s in Canterbury, New Zealand, the novel uncovers how beliefs about caring for children with an intellectual disability can trap women in the caring role.
Contains sexual scenes.

Family Ties and Rainbow Bonds - A Coming of Age Story

Georgie has always adored her father Poppie, but as she grows and discovers her real self she has to question his autocratic ways within the large family he has raised. Coming Out in the early 1980s in Christchurch New Zealand, she discovers a new kind of family.
Of course no family is without its 'bad eggs' and Georgie experiences the worst kinds of homophobia as she struggles to cope with a family tragedy. She finally seeks solace in political activity in support of Homosexual Law Reform. Be prepared for some surprises!

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A Pearl Amongst Swine - A Lesbian Affair

The second in a trilogy of books, based on Book 1: More than I Could Bear, this story is about Pearl, the secret lover of Anna.
As a child Pearl has faced the worst kind of punishments in her religious family who monitor her 'deviant' ways with precision and a strong rod. When they see her befriend Anna, a high society debutante they hope things will improve - but not for long.
Eventually Pearl seeks solace in religion as a novitiate nun, but her natural urges cannot be suppressed even here. Expelled in disgrace she wanders from job to job until she receives a call from her former lover, Anna, now in rehab for alcoholism. Life is rosy again, until Pearl's relationship with Anna starts to sour. Pearl realises she must now use her own resources to carve a life that will satisfy her and her alone.






Heather's Published Fiction

Children's stories

The Marigold Brightbutton series of five books cover Marigold's birth to her school days.

Marigold, like her father, is destined to get into trouble. She just can't leave things alone. From fireworks to white mice, Marigold's inquisitiveness about life is insatiable. Great books, under $5, perfect for reading aloud to school-age children.

To find out more about the Marigold Brightbutton series Click Here.

Heather's Recent Titles

More than I Could Bear -
A Lesbian Affair

Searing Heat

Cut Loose short stories


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Mail: 578 Woodbury Road, RD 21, Geraldine, 7991, New Zealand.
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