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The Easy Way to Write a Novel That Sells by Rob Parnell

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How I Made Over $42,000 in 1 Month (Selling My Kindle eBooks) by Cheryl Kaye Tardiff Read more >>

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A set of free-to-view videos on keeping safe when using the Internet. Really important information if you're entering writing competitions overseas:

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What to read this year to inform your writing

This website is a place where I share books and other written resources that I can recommend for advancing writing - things I have tried and I've found that work.

Books on Writing

Writing the Breakout Novel - by Donald Maass, writer and Literary Agent - published by Writer's Digest Books. Print with related workbook.

I wish I had read this book before I started my first novel. Not only did Maass give me insights into how stand-out authors improve their writing, he also quotes some magnificent passages from books to prove his points. When I first started reading WBN I found the style a little slow - I was used to the 'do this then that' level of book that has emerged in non-fiction recently. But as I delved deeper I realised the slow unveiling meant I had to take the time to appreciate the points. Even without the main book, the workbook is a gem in the way it challenges you to lift your book out of the also-rans into breakout level and I intend to closely follow the advice through the writing of my next novel.

The Indie Author Power Pack: How to Write, Publish and Market Your Book written by Sean Platt, Johnny B Truant, David Gaughan, and Joanna Penn. Published as an eBook 'collection of three books' on Amazon for Kindle. The first three authors have a long-standing relationship in writing together and self-publishing their works. Joanna Penn is a top-selling thriller writer.

The first and lasting thing I got from this book is the belief that I can (when I'm at my computer) write much more quickly than I ever thought possible. And that the most important factor in a successful writing career is to write MANY books. The book is littered with information and ideas for creating a successful writing career. I kept highlighting and making notes on ideas I should follow-up on and have since, on many occasions referred back to various sections. Penn's offerings are probably the most intense with 'how-to' ideas, and it was from this book that I came to discover her library of resources on www.The Go look there, even if you don't fancy buying this book.

 Recommended Blogs

One of the most inspiring blogs I have come across is written by Ollin Morales. His blog "Courage 2 Create" is like "The Secret" for writers. He uses his blog to share his own challenges of writing but stops along the way to share and support others. Highly recommended!

If you want to learn more about self-publishing then you really must link up to thriller writer Joanna Penn's blog at Joanna has recorded her experiences as she wrote her first novel, created her website and gathered followers, plus, of course, self-published her novels. She shares the entire process in order to help other writers. Originally from Australia and now a resident of Britain, Penn tackles the issues in a typically "let's do it" manner, and her success is testament to her determination to succeed.

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I'm Heather Sylvawood
an emerging writer.

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Marigold Brightbutton Read Aloud Series for school age children:

* Marigold Brightbutton's Birthday
* Marigold Brightbutton Goes to School
* Marigold Brightbutton and the Rose Grow
Marigold Brightbutton and the Fireworks
*Marigold Brightbutton and the Missing Shed

Shorter Reads -

Cut Loose. a collection of 10 quick reads

Searing Heat, a novella of crisis in the high country of New Zealand

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Mail: 578 Woodbury Road, RD 21, Geraldine, 7991, New Zealand.
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