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Resources to help your writing journey

I invite you to try the following resources which I have found useful in achieving my writing goals. These are books/guides by other authors or software that streamlines the process.

Some resource links -
1. May trigger ideas for stories
2. Help you polish your writing style
3. Guide you in editing your manuscript
4. Help you efficiently manage your files/ideas/novel structures
5. Give you links to useful software
6. Identify low cost graphics for blogs

Need some graphics for next to nothing?

GraphicStock has a wonderful option at the moment where you can get a year's subsciption for $99US. You can download up to 20 images per DAY. That's 365 days @ 20 per day for around a once only payment. If you remembered to go there everyday that's a potential library of over 7000 free-to-use graphics.

Claim your 7000 graphics for this low price now

See more before you're convinced?

Want to publish online?

Then here are some options to help you get there:

The Kindle Previewer allows authors to preview Kindle eBooks in MOBI, EPUB, HTML, and OPF formats prior to publishing. Although Amazon has a publishing previewer that picks up issues during the uploading process, when you make changes you have to upload the file again. Having a previewer on your own laptop/computer shortens the process.

Find out more and tips for using? >>

Are you publishing PDF formatted eBooks?

This is another alternative format especially useful for shorter books and guides, including give-away 'singles' that offer an overview.

There are now many PDF programs to choose from. The one I started using, and continue to use, is PDF995. You can get a free version, but everytime you use it, the software triggers your Internet Browser to display an advert. You can easily close this and get on with publishing your document into the secure PDF format, so the freeware may be all you need.

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 Other resources


Music to Increase writing productivity - experience it now

Graphic Stock free-to-use images - I use it a lot.

PDF995 conversion program -
I use this to convert PDFs to Word docs, append several PDFs into one document as well as save (print) Word docs and others as pdf documents. Its free to use but comes up with annoying web pages until you pay a low registration fee. Well worth the money for a lifetime licence.

Kindle Previewer - It's free from Amazon. Allows you to convert Word/html files into .mobi files which are easily uploaded to Amazon. Great way of seeing how your books look in various Kindle formats.



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