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Resources to help you handle secure pdf documents

There are now many PDF programs to choose from

The one I started using, and continue to use, is PDF995. You can get a free version, but everytime you use it, the software triggers your Internet Browser to display an advert. You can easily close this and get on with publishing your document into the secure PDF format, so the freeware may be all you need.

The cost of getting a 'key' to remove the annoying adverts is currently $9.95US or $19.95UAS for the three PDF995 products. The licence is for lifetime use. So keepthe details of your key in a safe place in case you need to replace your computer.

However, PDF995 can do a lot more than publish a word document to a PDF version, if you get the full version you can also edit pdfs, insert an automatic link into a pdf document, convert pdfs from PDF format to a word document (it does have a few glitches with some documents), or an HTML version for display on the web and you can add secure signatures to documents.

You can also add PDFs together to create a large document. This is especially useful if you are including documents from existing sources and in different formats. For instance, in an aBook you might want to include images on a single page into a text document without risking image shift as can happen between printers. Break the document into parts and convert to pdf then add the converted image in the correct spot. Voila!

There are many other options: Like running PDF995 in mail merge format.

Unlike some other PDF programs you don't need to import the document into the software profgram. PDF995 once downloaded and installed is accessed from your Print Menu. So you choose Print of click ctrl+P and select PDF995 from the menu. Simple.

Please note: This NOT an affiliated product - simply one I love to use and want to share with you.


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