Publishing Tip: If you're registering from outside the US for Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon or Create Space be ready to share your Tax (IRD) number. Sharing that information with Amazon allows you to choose a higher royalty commission.

I registered on Amazon before that was an option and got into all sorts of bother when the taxation agreement between the US and NZ came up because I could find no way to add the IRD number to my existing profile.

Of course, this will impact on earnings from sales because the taxation department will know what you've earned,however it is offset by allowing you to earn 70% royalties instead of 35%.



Viewing eBooks before you publish

The Kindle Previewer allows authors to preview Kindle eBooks in MOBI, EPUB, HTML, and OPF formats prior to publishing. Although Amazon has a publishing previewer that picks up issues during the uploading process, when you make changes you have to upload the file again. Having a previewer on your own laptop/computer shortens the process.

It can be downloaded from the Amazon Kindle site but it's a bit tricky finding it. I suggest you download it from the Softronic Website. Install it and paste a shortcut on your desktop where you can quickly access the previewer, make changes and preview again.

If you know a bit about html coding, using Notebad you can import your book into an html software program to get rid of the rubbish code Word puts in behind the text. However thebest way I have found of preparing a book for Kindle is to save the Word doc as a web page, filtered. You will be warned that you will lose the Word coding. Accept (YES) with glee. If you have inserted images in your text the images will be saved separately in a named folder.

Open the Kindle Previewer and open the web page filtered file. The previewer opens the file and creates a new file with the images embedded. This is a much better option than what happened a couple of years ago when you had to zip folders and upload them. This 'compiled' file can be uploaded to Amazon Kindle directly and the images go with it.

Kindle publishing handles clean code so much more kindly. If your pages look screwy, but you can't work out why, try copying the offending paragraphs into Notepad and deleting them from the eBook altogether, then copy and paste from Notepad back into Kindle copy. I can give you more advice on this in this website's blog. Otherwise make the changes in the filtered webpage and open in the previewer and overwrite. My recommendation is that you delete the compiled folder altogether before re compiling it with the Kindle Previewer.

CreateSpace: Self Publishing and Free Distribution for Books, CD, DVD

One option that I will be following up once I have a few more children's Kindle books online is CreateSpace. This is Amazon's self-publishing website where you literally become the publisher of softcover books that are printed on demand. In other words, when a customer orders your book from Amazon, the book is printed from the digital file that you have created.

Of course CreateSpace takes a share of the price paid by the buyer, but you haven't had to put up any money up front. It's a huge marketplace on Amazon with growing competition, but if you want your writing to get air time you can link the Kindle version of your title with the Print-on-demand title.


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