It’s 3.20am and I’m blogging

I’ve had one of those nights when I went to bed early, especially to wake refreshed tomorrow, but instead my mind has been crazy. I guess in this time of lockdowns, and dire economic predictions, I’m not the only one to have become a night owl.

Above: Coffins being buried in New York City will continue to bring huge grief, to family members who survived, for decades to come.

The future and how it will affect us is unknown. Even those who profess to know, can’t or won’t tell us how much and how bad. Things have changed so. Jobs that once were sugar coated managerial positions are out the door and the former employees are off to food parcel lines; those we have often seen near the bottom of the desirable career choices are still happily in work.

  • The streets are still being cleaned and rubbish collected – those workers are getting paid as usual.
  • Couriers are even busier as the population takes to online ordering and delivery.
  • Local bus drivers are only now coming back to work, while tourist drivers are hanging up their Passenger Licences and seeking jobs elsewhere.
  • Farmers are okay as long as they can book their produce into the meat works or take delivery of the feed products they need.
  • Food providers and cafes are trying any delivery method they can to get their food products into the eager, junk food starved hands of people who still have a job.

Living (if you’ve avoided the death knell of Covid-19) just got a whole lot more topsy-turvy.

The land of plenty isn’t anymore

What I can’t believe is the short-sightedness of rioting crowds in the US demanding that they be allowed back to work. Now they may all be herd immunity believers and willing to risk shortening their lives, and those of their families, by going back to sharing spit.  But is that belief really fair on the rest of us who are playing by the rules?

I understand their fear of poverty might seem more important to them, and the risk of death by Covid-19 far less immediate. But take a look at this family reported on CNN in mid-March:

I bet their family dinner never figured to them as a last supper.

Over-reaction save lives

There is so much debate in social media about the over-reaction (or lack of action) of health authorities. Armchair critics have the comfort of being able to gripe without ever risking their necks. The fact is over-reaction and strict lockdown rules will never be proved wrong. There is no way you can count who might have died if the government of the day had not enforced a rigid lockdown. However, countries where governments did not react fast enough are counting their dead.

And the lack of herd immunity because we haven’t all suffered Covid-19 (and therefore are still at risk of catching the lurgy) is only a small fear when you hear the tales from people who have suffered serious bouts. Roll on the vaccines

Heather Sylvawood, Amazon Author